The Diocese of Leeds are advertising for a new team rector, who will be vicar at St Peter’s.  If you’d like to see the type of person we are looking for you can have a look at the advert at this link
Team Rector Brochure

This years' APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) has been set for 24th March 2019.  This is like an AGM for Churches, is a legal requirement, and must take place before 30th April each year.   It is an opportunity to catch up with events of the last year and to explore the vision for the coming year together.  Most of all it is a celebration of all God has been doing in the Church life as we look forward to the coming year.  All bodies with a connection via their Church activities are asked to send a short report to the Church,  giving a brief update as to events over the past year.  Please contact us if you have a report to submit by 28th February.

The electoral roll is the membership list of the Church.  Every 6th year we must prepare a new electoral roll which means anyone who wants to be on it must complete an application form, which is available from Barbara Michell and must be returned no later than 28th February.   Only electoral roll members may vote at the APCM.  With each application comes a Church of England privacy notice.  Please recycle this if you no longer want to keep it after reading.  The electoral roll when published will be displayed on the notice board at the back of Church, which is a legal requirement.   No personal details will be shared elsewhere - however including your phone number will be very helpful for our Pastoral Care Team to keep in touch if you are unable to attend Church.

We are still searching for a volunteer to help develop and maintain this website, our Facebook page and other online channels.   Full training will be given, no previous experience is necessary.   Enthusiasm and persistence would be a bonus.  Please contact the Church office or Dan, Jackie or Barbara if you are interested.  It is not an onerous or demanding task for a person willing to learn new and transferable skills or apply existing ones.

We recently said goodbye to our Vicar, Mike Godfrey, and his wife Susan who have been with us since 2010.  This image shows the sculpture which Mike and Susan kindly bequeathed us here at St Peters.  These are the values which we are aspiring to achieve as Christians here and will be the focus of how we live our lives.
church dec 006

church dec 007You may have noticed that the window at the back of the Church is black.  This is because the stained glass window which is normally there has been taken away for repair. 

Rebekha Burton, 29/11/2016