family1Children's Ministry

The numbers of younger families and children attending church is presently quite small, but has grown over the last year or so, and the local Brownies and Rainbows occasionally attend Café Church services.  Although we do not currently have formal children’s or youth work, it is an area we strongly feel needs addressing and we are in the process of setting up a group for 4-10 year olds (Jesus and Me - JAM)
Over the last couple of years we have established successful Craft Afternoons at Christmas, Easter and during the summer holidays. We plan to develop these further as well as finding other ways to make links with children and young people within our community. In the past, for example, we actively invited families to attend a Christmas film afternoon and gave Nativity Story books to children attending the film and at our Christmas Eve service.

You can find out more about our safeguarding policies using this link.
If you have any questions about the programmes or want to know more about bringing your children along on a Sunday then please fill in our Contact Us form.