Welcome to St. Peter's church in Morley

May I offer you a warm welcome to our Church.  I hope that you will find our site easy to use and that it will give you a true picture of who we are and what we are concerned about.  Our aim at St Peters is summed up in our ‘mission statement’:

“Making dedicated followers (Disciples) of Jesus, sharing his love with all”  

Regulars can find details of our services and events here, but if you are a newcomer then please read on...

We are constantly discovering and learning more about the God we worship. What we do know excites many of us and we long to share these discoveries with all who wish to know. We have found love, kindness and friendship with God. We have also experienced forgiveness, healing and renewed hope after personal pain and failures; this motivates us to want to love all we come into contact with, with the same quality of love we have received from God and from one another. We are learning to be a Christ centred community; a family open to all. May God bless you as you explore this Site.

Please start to explore the site to begin to get a feel for the main activities and ethos of the Church.  

Mike Godfrey, Vicar

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Welcome to Our Parish. We are a three parish community of churches based in Featherington.
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